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Frames and Platforms

Frames & Platforms

Our Frames and Platforms are designed to work together to limit your excess plastic and ease of fabrication of prosthetic "bubble" formed sockets. They frames are cut to leave a one inch gap between the edge of the platform to accommodate any thickness of plastic. Our Kits offer a discount to purchasing them individually, and are available for all sizes.

XLAK $200.00
AK $180.00
BK $160.00
UE $140.00
FO $180.00
Double FO $240.00

Orthotist Package

Our Orthotist package includes fixtures to modify and thermoform plaster casts. The X-500 is table mounted fixture to hold a cast at any angle for shaping and prepping. The X-1000 will allow you to "drape" thermoform any device from large TLSO' to pediatric AFO's. Open the box, bolt down your fixtures, plug in your vacuum lines, and you are ready to fabricate. Included fixtures DX-500 and X-1000; all mounting hardware, valves and barbs included.

Orthotis Package $350.00
Prosthetist Package

Prosthetist Package

Our prosthetist package includes everything you need to modify, thermoform, or laminate prosthetic sockets. Our X-500 will hold any size mold tight for shaping, even the biggest AK. The DX-1000's will allow you to drape thermoform sockets with windows or longer BK's, and the top will accept all sizes of LI platforms and laminating fixtures. All stations are individually controlled with valves for maximum control. With these few fixtures you can efficiently move through all steps of prosthetic socket fabrication. Included fixtures DX-1000, DX-500, R2G2, AK Kit and BK Kit. All mounting hardware, valves, and barbs are included with your shipment.

Prosthetist Package $950.00