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Complete alignment and lamination station with pump, fire cabinet, and air filtration system

The LAMO-S is the most complete lamination station in the orthotic and prosthetic industry. The LAMO-S can align and laminate any multi layered "wet" socket safely, meeting strict workplace safety regulations. The LAMO-S comes with hardware to align and laminate, a ¾ HP vacuum pump with foot switch, a 200 CFM fume scrubber, and a 12 gal. Fire cabinet for storage of glue and resins. The unit has an articulating arm to direct the vacuum flow directly to your work, and an indicator light when to replace its 40 lb. removable charcoal filter. The vacuum pump fits on a shelf off the floor leaving room for fume scrubber and fire cabinet, and is operated by a convenient foot switch. The LAMO-S is built off the same great base as our other work stations and is fully interchangeable with all of our fabrication hardware. Individual machines available for purchase separately.

LAMO-S $9,500.00 free shipping in lower 48


Vertical alignment jig
for prosthetic sockets

The VAL-1000 is a completely steel vertical alignment fixture for plastic and laminated prosthetic sockets. The VAL-1000 has three independently locking arms that slide along the same vertical track. The top arm slides in and out with a pipe collar locked in 90 degrees. The pipe collar holds ½" water pipe and conduit, and is also small enough to slide inside the R2 and LI platforms for perfect fabrication every time. The middle arm of the VAL-1000 moves independently in all directions. Separate handles control in/out, up/down, flexion/extension, and adduction/abduction for the ultimate control of your check socket alignment. The bottom arm holds very heavy casts without any flexing that can affect your alignment, and is adjustable left to right with a locking bottom tray. The VAL-1000 mounts to any table or LI work station, and has oversized and custom arms available to fit your needs.

VAL-1000 $1,800.00
Rotolam, 2nd Gen.


Second Generation
Rotating "Wet" Lamination Stand

The R2 is our 2nd generation "wet" laminating fixture. It has many of the same great features as the Rotolam such as, separate valves for inner and outer bags, rotates under vacuum, and large surface for easy vacuuming, but it cost less than half as much. The R2 has a smooth neck for easy removal and welded steel construction for a lifetime of fabrication. Comes with valve and barb.

R2G2 $300.00
R2G2 with TM-1000 or VM-1000 base $400.00
R2G2 with DX-1000 dual station base $550.00


Rotating "Wet" Lamination Stand

The Rotolam is designed for wet laminations to create custom fitting carbon fiber prosthetic sockets. The Rotolam is made from steel with welded airtight seams and a tough industrial grade powder-coat for protection. The Rotolam has a bolt to secure the mold to the fixture, holes in the end to prevent blocking the vacuum, and a unique stacked ring feature that holds extra lay-up material while creating an easy seal surface for the outer bag. The Rotolam comes with independent valves for separate control of inner and outer bags and paired with one of our bases, the TM-1000, VM-1000, or DX-1000, the Rotolam will rotate without losing vacuum or twisting either of the PVA bags leaving no front or back to the lamination. Comes with valve and barb.

Rotolam $500.00
Rotolam with TM-1000 or VM-1000 base $600.00
Rotolam with DX-1000 dual station base $750.00


The Lamorack is a vacuum fixture that fits in all ovens to create orthotic and prosthetic devices from "pre preg" carbon fiber. Easy to load into an oven with welded steel construction and large sealing surface the Lamorack will last through your toughest lab conditions. Comes with valve and barb.

Lamorack $250.00