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Complete 4 station vacuum
workbench with pump

The THERMO-S can make any plastic orthotic and prosthetic device. The THERMO-S can drape and bubble thermoform at the same time. The THERMO-S has four independent vacuum chambers, two horizontal chambers with vise handles, and two vertical chambers that accept any rotating LI attachment. All chambers are independently operated with included valves, vacuum lines, and hardware. The THERMO-S comes with a ¾ HP vacuum pump and foot pedal switch, capable of pulling all chambers tight at the same time. The vacuum pump fits on the shelf underneath the table for easy cleaning and superior ventilation. The height of the work surface can be adjusted from 30”, 33”, or 36” without effecting any vacuum lines or function. With all steel fabrication hardware, finished hardwood tale, quality pump, and welded steel support structure the THERMO-S is the toughest most adaptable thermoforming work station in the industry.

THERMO-S $5,500.00 free shipping in lower 48


Vacuum Tube for Drape Thermoforming

The X-1000 is a vacuum fixture that bolts to any table to drape thermoform plastic and foam orthotic devices. The X-1000 has a vacuum tight vise handle to pull plastics at any angle, even making anterior shells. The X-1000 is made from powder-coated steel, with welded seams, and a long vented neck for easy fabrication.

X-1000 $250.00
FO Press


Vacuum Station for Foot Orthotics

Our FO Press is a full size double vacuum press designed to thermoform a pair of foot orthotics at one time. The FO Press has a 15" x 18" pulling surface with a slotted aluminum face and a steel frame with welded seams. Our FO Press pulls faster with the tent shape rather than a box shape with less air to draw out. Comes with rubber bladder.

FO Press $500.00
Replacement bladder $45.00


Rotating Bubble Forming Platforms

The platforms used with our aluminum frames "bubble" thermoform plastic prosthetic sockets and foot orthotics with no seams. Our Platforms fit into any Leonard Industries base to rotate under vacuum to make fabrication as easy as possible. Made from steel with welded seams and a powder-coat finish our platforms will perform perfectly. They come in different sizes and can be paired with frames in our KITS page.

XLAK 16" diameter $120.00
AK 12" diameter $110.00
BK 8" diameter $100.00
UE 4" diameter $90.00
FO 16" X 12" $110.00
Double FO 12" X 14" $160.00


Bubble Forming Frames

Our aluminum frames are sold in pairs and match our different platform sizes perfectly. They have 1 inch of space around the platforms to accommodate any thickness of plastic. Made from durable thick aluminum these frames do not warp with heat and never rust. Paired with matching platforms on the kits page to save money.

XLAK 22" x 24" $100.00
AK 18" x 20" $90.00
BK 14" x 16" $80.00
UE 10" x 12" $70.00
FO $90.00
Double FO $100.00
Oven Rack Oven Rack


Raised Fixture to Hold Frames in Oven

The oven rack is a rigid aluminum frame with two different functional positions. The oven rack sits in the oven like a table on its side holding the frames off the floor allowing the plastic to bubble. The open design makes it possible to slide the bubble shaped plastic out of the oven without damaging it. Its rectangular shape means it can be closer or farther from the heating elements to adjust heat times. Aluminum construction cools faster and never rusts for years of trouble free use.

Oven Rack $200.00